Ports of departure

The largest of the seven emirates by area, Abu Dhabi accounts for over 80% of the total land area of the United Arab Emirates. This emirate combines tranquil beaches and desert oases with some of the most vibrant city life in all the UAE.

This easy-going capital of South Australia is your portal to every big outdoor adventure you could dream up. Trek the raw, rugged Outback in all its aboriginal glory. Hop over to Kangaroo Island, one of the world's best places to view wildlife, hence the name. Then hit the wine trail with glass in hand! Adelaide is in the thick of the country's finest vineyards.

The town of Airlie Beach, often referred to as the "Gateway To The Whitsundays", radiates a certain bohemian charm, with a blend of cosmopolitan and contemporary Australian style. Facing north on the eastern coast of Australia, Airlie Beach is blessed with late afternoon sun in the winter and cool, refreshing breezes in the summer.

Renowned as Napoleon's birthplace, Ajaccio's many squares and plazas pay homage to the conqueror who never returned home. Located along Corsica's west coast, Ajaccio is a short drive away from hospitable beaches, soaring mountains and unforgettable gorges.

A one-hour drive from Christchurch, New Zealand is the quaint little fishing town, Akaroa. The historic French and British settlement situated on the southern side of Bank Peninsula is a must see for anyone looking for a few days of rest and relaxation. Spend your days exploring the galleries, craft stores and cafes in the village or venture in the great outdoors and explore the dramatic outer bays.

A few miles from the North Pole and tucked away between mountains that reach 1000-1500m is the bustling, cosmopolitan town of Akureyri. With a summer crammed with lively festivals, some of Iceland's best winter skiing and a fine selection of museums, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, it's no surprise Akureyri is a popular destination for short or long stays.

Al Ain was once a vital oasis in the caravan route from the UAE to Oman, and is the birthplace of Abu Dhabi's ruling Al Nahyan family. There are many words that describe the city of Al Ain including "Garden City," "The Spring" and "Oasis City."

Millions of years ago, southbound glaciers carved out the Inside Passage, leaving majestic fjords, islands and bays in their wake. Today, the spectacular views will leave a lasting impression on you. From the lush greenery of Tongass National Forest - the world's largest and northernmost temperate coastal rainforest - to the brilliant blue glaciers, you'll see jaw-dropping beauty everywhere you look.

Alesund is a small fishing center in the middle of Norway's popular tourist region between Bergen and Trondheim. Although its history dates back to the Viking period, you'll notice that the architecture throughout the city has an interesting art nouveau style. This is because after a massive fire in 1904, the entire city was rebuilt.

Founded by its namesake, Alexander the Great in 332 B.C., Alexandria has been home to many historical figures, including Cleopatra, Mark Antony, Julius Caesar and Euclid. Today the city has a distinctly Mediterranean feel, perhaps a remainder of its ancient Roman connection.


Alicante is located on the eastern coast of Spain known as the Costa Blanca, the White Coast. Blessed with white-sand beaches and rugged mountain ranges, as well as a thriving nightlife and cosmopolitan feel, it's become quite a popular vacation spot

As you venture inland on an Alaska Cruisetour, one of the most popular stops is in the town of Alyeska, Girdwood. Here you can see the beautiful Mt. Alyeska and get a real taste for the great outdoors, Alaska-style.

Amsterdam, the beautiful capital of the Netherlands, has the wonderful atmosphere of a 17th-century city combined with the contemporary character of a modern metropolis. It is a treasure chest of superb architecture and is famous for its canals and extraordinary museums.

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska, and it's no accident that many of our cruisetours begin and end in this major metropolis. As locals say, "Anchorage is great. It's only 20 minutes from Alaska." Here, you'll find everything you would find in a city in the lower 48. But it serves as a great introduction to Alaska, too.

Located on the north coast of Upolu Island, Apia is the capital and largest city of Samoa. Here, the gentle old-world charm of the city blends with the lush tropical beauty of the island to create a slow and easy peace. It is no wonder Robert Louis Stevenson chose to spend his final years here. Saunter along the beach road to the promenade on the harbor wall or visit some colorful local markets.

Aqaba is a thoroughly modern and energetic resort town with a few glimpses into Middle Eastern antiquity. Visit the sandy beaches of the Gulf of Aqaba, along the Red Sea, and you're likely to encounter a fascinating mix of revelers: scores of bikinis and tanned muscles, with the occasional local in more traditional and modest Muslim garb.

Situated on the largest of the Ionion Islands on Kefalonia, Argostoli is perfect for nature and history lovers. Tour the ruins of St. George Castle, see loggerhead turtles feeding and take in sweeping views atop its cliffs.

With a population of 1.3 million people, including immigrants from all over the world and a heavy concentration of Polynesian people, Auckland is far and away New Zealand's largest and most cosmopolitan city.

Huge? Yes. But spiritual? See for yourself on an excursion to the awe-inspiring Ayers Rock, known locally as Uluru. This Aboriginal sacred site is the world's largest monolith, rising more than 1,000 feet out of the desert sand. Discover the mysteries of Uluru on a walking tour around the base or a guided hike to the rock's peak.


With a world-class aquarium, major sporting events and fantastic food, Baltimore is filled with things to do and see. The prime spot for activity is the Inner Harbor, where you'll find the Harborside Shopping Pavilion, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the National Aquarium, Port Discovery and much, much more.

Banff National Park, a stop on our Canadian Rockies Cruisetours, provides some of the most stunning sightseeing in the Canadian Rockies. The park itself encompasses 5,200 square miles of parkland and the resort town of Banff.

This city is a traveller's paradise, with stalls hawking cheap bargains lining the streets and a selection of street food which would satisfy any stomach. Take advantage of Thai hospitality, with museums and temples which act as windows to their past.


Located in the northern part of Shanghai city, Baoshan is at the meeting point of the Huangpu River and the Yangtze River. It is the birthplace of Shanghai's port opening, nearly 100 years ago.

Nestled on the east side of Mt. Desert Island and surrounded by Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor features some of the most spectacular scenery on the Eastern Seaboard. The rock-bound coast, soaring granite cliffs, majestic mountains and blue waters have attracted the Rockefellers, Astors, and Vanderbilts for over 200 years, and continue to enchant visitors today.


Barcelona is located in the northeastern part of the country, 90 miles south of the French border. People from all around the world enjoy visiting this city for its individuality, cultural interest and physical beauty. When Hans Christian Andersen visited in 1862, he remarked that Barcelona was the "Paris of Spain."

With dormant volcanoes, pink beaches and gorgeous green hills, St. Kitts is a beautiful backdrop to your Caribbean adventure. Founded in 1623 by both the French and the British, the island's deep colonial history is reflected in the abandoned fortresses, as well as its landscaped gardens, city squares and architectural details.

With its warm azure waters, golden beaches and some of the bluest skies on the planet, Bay of Islands is a magnet for the vacationally deprived. Some 150 isles, many still secluded, and a handful of coastal towns make up New Zealand's favorite holiday haven. Waitangi is your historic hotbed imbued in Maori myth and legends.

With miles of lush tropical rain forest, a gorgeous Caribbean coastline and the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, it doesn't take long to realize why Belize City is known as "The Jewel."

Bali is an Indonesian island located in the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, between Java and Lombok. With miles of sandy beaches, towering volcanoes, flowing rivers, and lush tropical forests full of exotic wildlife, Bali has been the favorite destination for locals and international tourists for ages.

Bergen offers visitors a cornucopia of delights, from the sheer splendor of its rugged glacial scenery to an ancient stone church containing the finest example of Baroque art in Norway. All of it, no doubt, inspired the great composer Edvard Grieg, whose home and gardens are open to visitors.

Warnemünde is a lovely fishing hamlet on the banks of the Warnow River and one of the most sought-after destinations on the Baltic. Its soft, wide white-sand beaches are pretty popular with the locals, and the town's laid-back vibe can be felt everywhere, especially in the many charming restaurants and pubs. This sleepy little seaport is also a jumping-off point for Rostock and Berlin.

Bilbao, Spain's sixth-largest city, is being revitalized with the help of astounding strides in art and architecture. New life arrived in this commercial/industrial hub via the astonishing Bilbao Guggenheim Museum; the new, sleek glass and steel tube metro system; and the stunning glass-decked parabolic arch footbridge above the Nervión River. Bilbao also provides an excellent home base from which to explore the diverse Basque country, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pyrenees.

Home to the famous Greek historian Herodotus, the popular Aegean resort and yachting port of Bodrum is situated on a beautiful peninsula. During your visit, you'll find enchanting villages of houses painted in white and trimmed with purple bougainvillea, miles of sandy beaches and a myriad of historical attractions. The nights seem longer and the city retains a certain charm that can only be experienced first-hand.

Bora Bora is universally revered as the quintessential vacation home for hopeless romantics. And why not? If its idyllic location isn't captivating enough, there's the sheer decadent beauty of the place. Silky stretches of deserted white sand. The rocky black peaks of Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia.


The cradle of the American Revolution and one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston remains the metropolitan center of New England. With an unrivaled history, old New England charm and cosmopolitan sophistication, Boston offers a fascinating travel experience to any visitor.

Though Barbados gained its independence from the British in 1966, the island maintains a distinctly English flavor. From British products such as chocolate and china to the national pastime, cricket, the British influence is evident throughout this gorgeous Caribbean destination.

The cool and casual capital of Queensland offers all the glitz and glam of a big city without the big city airs. Located on the banks of the Brisbane River and surrounded by rolling hills, this urban oasis sure is easy on the eyes.

Famous as the home of Evita Peron, Buenos Aires is more European than South American in feel. Cobbled streets, charming cafés and cosmopolitan restaurants all give it a unique flair befitting the resilient people who live here. Through good times and hard, Buenos Aires has remained the political, economic and cultural heart of Argentina.

Burnie is a lively, attractive port city on the northwest coast of Tasmania, originally settled in 1827 as Emu Bay. With its broad beaches and rising hills, Burnie is as physically attractive as it is culturally interesting.

The second largest city in South Korea is not only a major international port, but also is a wonder to look at, with islets and mountains which make for great exploring. Experience the beautiful Haeundae Beach for its therapeutic hot springs and mineral baths.

Once home to pirates and slave-traders, Buzios is a beach-lined peninsula jutting out into the sea. Made famous by Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s, today its beautiful beaches are frequented by the rich and famous. It's the perfect place to play all day in the sand and surf, then play all night in the clubs and bars.

Cabo Frio got its name - "Cold Cape" - from the low temperature of the sea water there. A unique submarine current brings cold water up from the South Pole to the coast nearby. But the cold water is more than compensated for by the beautiful scenery in this unique beach resort. The beaches have fine white sand shaped into striking dunes.

Once referred to as the "millionaire's sandbox," Cabo San Lucas is Mexico's jewel resort at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula. Its remote location and unspoiled beauty make this a seaside paradise.

Cádiz may, in fact, be the oldest inhabited city in the western world, with more than 3,000 years of history. Located on the southern coast of Spain, it borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

One word: beaches. As the second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is surrounded by gorgeous blue waters and sandy-white beaches. And since Sardinian towns are often farther inland, many beaches have been left unspoiled and perfect for catching rays or scuba diving in amazing underwater caves.

Rapidly becoming the "capital of the Great Barrier Reef," the tropical paradise of Cairns (pronounced "Cans") is one of Australia's fastest-growing tourist areas. Our cruisetour guests will experience both the wet and the wild as they explore lush rain forests, wetlands and woodlands and spy the glorious creatures that inhabit them.

At the foot of the Rockies, this rugged, modern city combines all the romance of the great West. Mounties, cowboys, oilmen and natives live and work together here. Dating back to 1875, Calgary has quickly developed and today is Canada's second-largest corporate center.

Welcome to the French Riviera. Once a small fishing town owned by monks, Cannes is now home to all the glamour of the International Film Festival and hosts a multitude of major festivals and conferences each year. Up the coast is Nice, the capital of the Riviera that lies along the brilliant Bay of Angels.


Cape Liberty Cruise Port is located on the New York Harbor in Bayonne, New Jersey, and is just seven miles from New York City and three miles from Newark Liberty International Airport.


Cobbled streets, balconies with blooming bougainvillea, and pastel plazas make Cartagena one of Latin America's most photogenic cities. But it's not just another pretty seaport. Founded in 1533, this Spanish-Colonial city is steeped in history. Its location made it a popular port for plunderers and pirates.

In the southeast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, you'll find a natural harbor surrounded by five hills - welcome to the seaport known as Cartagena. Cartagena was the main city of the Spanish Carthaginians, who named it after their own capital. The port is rich in ancient and maritime history. The town is walled, the harbor defended by forts, and Roman ruins are scattered throughout. Let the adventure begin!

In the southeast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, you'll find a natural harbor surrounded by five hills - welcome to the seaport known as Cartagena. Cartagena was the main city of the Spanish Carthaginians, who named it after their own capital. The port is rich in ancient and maritime history. The town is walled, the harbor defended by forts, and Roman ruins are scattered throughout. Let the adventure begin!

St. Lucia has been a part of the British Commonwealth since 1803. But prior to that, it was often occupied by the French, which is evident in much of the island's culture. Castries offers a colorful local market and great shopping.

The city of Catania, often described as the gem of eastern Sicily, is one filled with attractions with a historical and artistic legacy for all to admire. Where the 17th century was a destructive one, marked by an earthquake that brought Catania to its knees, the 18th century showed a city filled with determination and obstinacy in rebuilding itself. Today, Catania thrives with a lively city buzz, along with a certain gaiety and cheerfulness that begs to be explored day and night.

Aptly named, Champagne Bay, Vanuatu is truly one of the finest tropical getaways. Nestled within the island of Espiritu Santo, this paradise boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the South Pacific. Famous for its pink sand, coconut trees and sun kissed waters, this heaven on earth has remained largely untouched. Leave the bustle of the touristy beaches behind, bury your toes in the soft sand, and watch time stand still.

Chaniá is the second largest city of Crete, and one of the most beautiful. It lies along the north coast of the island at the east end of the Gulf of Chaniá. Chaniá is the site of the ancient Minoan settlement the Greeks called Cydonia (Kydonia), which was mentioned in Virgil's Aeneid. The site has been continuously inhabited from Neolithic times-at least 5000 years. The city's rich history can be traced through historic buildings and monuments with Venetian, Turkish and Greek architecture.

St. Thomas is known as an idyllic vacation spot today, but its history is not so peaceful. In the 18th century, the island was at the center of a bustling pirate culture, as swashbuckling pirates such as Blackbeard and Drake traded stolen wares in the port of Charlotte Amalie.

Prince Edward Island is easy on the eyes and even easier on the spirit. With miles of lush rolling landscape, red sandstone cliffs, antique farmhouses and warm welcoming smiles, it's no surprise some call it the "gentle island." And charming Charlottetown is your gateway to it all. The island's biggest "city" is easy to explore on foot. Stroll the waterfront, wander the many shops and sample the seafood specialties at an outdoor café or two, then hit the trails and tour the quiet countryside.

Cherbourg offers everything you could want from a seaside town in France - beautiful gardens, cute little shops, appetizing restaurants. As a port, however, Cherbourg is a maritime institution, playing major roles in early transatlantic travel, submarine building and nautical pastimes.


Civitavecchia is the gateway to all the magnificence of the ancient city of Rome. Whether it's the Forum, the Sistine Chapel, the Pantheon or St. Peter's Basilica that sparks your interest and intellect, Rome is home to a lifetime's worth of historical, architectural and spiritual sites.

One of the finest natural harbors on the Arabian coast of India, Kochi (also known as Cochin) was once known as the center of the Indian spice trade. Subsequently, the town has a distinct European feel, due to the fact that it was once inhabited by the Portuguese, Dutch, and English. Their influence on the town's forts, palaces, museums, and old churches is still evident today. Which is why Kochi is known as the "Queen of the Arabian Sea."

Surrounded by the gentle, translucent waters of the Bahamas chain lies the secluded island of Coco Cay®. With its white-sand beaches and spectacular surroundings, CocoCay® is a wonderland of adventure.


As the capital of Colón Province on Panama's central Caribbean coast, Colón lies at the very heart of the country's rich history and innovation. This important port town is less than an hour's drive from Panama's most historical attractions, so it's easy to fit in visits to sites like the Panama Railroad, Gatun Locks, and old Spanish fortress Fort San Lorenzo.


Como is situated at the tip of the southwestern branch of Lake Como in Lombardy. The popular vacation destination is an ancient town more than 400 years old with magnificent churches and historic monuments. Considered a town off the beaten track, there are many incredible places to see and things to do such as visiting beautiful towns and villages tucked away in the surrounding mountains.

In Copacabana, things heat up when the sun goes down. As we cruise by one of the world's most famous beaches by night, you'll see the lights of this vibrant resort town, with it's dramatic backdrop of Sugarloaf and giant statue of Christ the Redeemer. Listen closely and you're likely to hear some pulsating salsa rhythms as the locals party long into the night.


Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is an elegant city, rich in history and tradition. Castles and crown jewels, galleries and museums, cathedrals and canals - sightseeing in this city is fascinating. One of the city's most celebrated sights is Tivoli, a unique combination of picture-perfect gardens, lakes and more than 100,000 colored lights.

Known as the "Emerald Island" because of its lush greenery and breathtaking beauty, Corfu is one of the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean. The second largest of the seven Ionian Islands, Corfu is just 593 square kilometers (368.253 square miles).

The magnificent Cobh Harbor is just a short drive from Cork. An enchanting place, the main district of Cork sits on an island formed by the diverging channels of the River Lee. The city itself is filled with a multitude of picturesque quays and bridges.

Off the east coast of Canada, on the island province of Newfoundland, you'll find Corner Brook. Corner Brook is a city set against a backdrop of awe-inspiring natural surroundings including forest, rocky coastline, marvelous fjords and a plethora of offshore islands. The city is tucked in the Long Range Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountain belt. Though the landscape is rugged, the people of Newfoundland are known for their warm, friendly hospitality.

The Conquistadors first saw Mexico from the shores of Cozumel while searching for gold. Today, visitors to the island continue to seek out gold and silver jewelry in the shops of San Miguel while having a great time in its many local bars and restaurants.

Located midway along Australia's northern coast, Darwin is a youthful city known for its optimism and its melting-pot culture. Named after famous evolutionist Charles Darwin, the city is the capital of the Northern Territory and the gateway to several Southeast Asian countries.

Without question, the main attraction in Denali is Denali National Park - in fact, it ranks as Alaska's most popular destination - which is why all of our cruisetours visiting Denali include a park tour. The park itself is slightly larger than the entire state of Massachusetts and is filled with wildlife.

Often referred to as the "Sound of Silence," Doubtful Sound is a tranquil, awe-inspiring destination known for its cascading waterfalls, looming mountains and rare marine life.

The majestic White Cliffs of Dover reign high and edge this small seaside village - renowned for its rich history, natural beauty and pastoral charm. Often called the Gateway to England, sea passage through Dover Straight offers breathtaking views of a coastline that has been a pivotal site in European history. With its fairytale castles and unspoiled scenery, journey to Dover is always an inspiring and memorable experience.


Believe everything you've heard about Dubai - it truly is that incredible. Honestly, where else on earth can you ski both in a shopping mall and out in the desert? As one of the world's fastest growing cities, Dubai has emerged as a premier luxury travel destination, drawing visitors from all over the globe.

Dublin, Ireland's capital, is a thriving modern city. Yet it is also remarkably elegant. This is due in part to the restoration of its magnificent public buildings and distinctive Georgian squares to reveal the elegance of the 18th century to today's visitors. Dublin's people are renowned for being warm, friendly and eager to help visitors enjoy their home city.

Situated at the edge of the Adriatic Sea in the very south of Croatia, Dubrovnik is rich in history and natural beauty. With bays, beaches, steep cliffs and dense woodland areas, Dubrovnik's landscape is unexpected.

As gateway to Queenstown's many adrenaline-pumping activities and guard to the unspoiled natural habitats of the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, the second-largest city on the South Island, with its historic Victorian architecture, alternative collegiate vibe and outstanding outdoor recreation, stands second to none.

One of the most complex fjords on New Zealand's southern coast, Dusky Sound is a place of serene beauty, accessible today only by sea or air. European explorers first spotted this treasure when Captain Cook and his crew happened upon its opening in the late eighteenth century.

Endearingly nicknamed "Alaska's Golden Heart," the city of Fairbanks sits just 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle. Here you can pan for gold, take a leisurely cruise down the Chena River or take off on an amazing Arctic Circle Flightseeing Tour.

Step off the ship and step back in time. Time where quaint wooden houses lined the streets, village carpenters hand craft custom furniture, and tavern keepers warmly greet town guests. Falmouth Jamaica is often compared with Colonial Williamsburg, with an advantage - the beautiful Caribbean Sun.

A Scandinavian village straight out of your childhood dreams, Flåm is best known for its picture-perfect postcard scenery and the astonishing railroad journey that can show it all to you. High waterfalls, majestic mountains, narrow green valleys, deep clear lakes, calm fjords, rocky plateaus, and forests all join together to form a delightful landscape.

Fort de France oozes charm from its luscious hills and captivating local flavor. It's the capital of Martinique and sits at the end of a huge bay. There is a historic feel to its narrow streets, wrought-iron balconies and shuttered doors. Come and fulfill your sense of adventure, as well as your other five senses.


Fort Lauderdale lies along the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the New River, 25 miles north of Miami. Its warm tropical weather attracts many people throughout the year. For sun-worshippers, the city has six miles of beaches. There are also many recreational waterways with extensive boating facilities, a variety of fascinating museums and trendy restaurants.

The mountainous landscape of Fujairah strikes a bold contrast with the other Emirates, which are primarily blanketed by desert. The weather is seasonal, though generally warm year-round, with an occasional rainy season in the winter months.

This modern city has all you could wish for, with shopping, dining, sports and culture all easily within reach. Visit the Hakata Machiya Folk Museum and explore a 150-year old home filled with authentic objects. See artisans create the famed Hakata-ori cloth, to be used for kimono sashes and sumo loincloths.

The island of Madeira is located in the Atlantic Ocean about 370 miles off the coast of Morocco. For over 100 years tourists have enjoyed its rugged volcanic peaks, beautiful tropical coastline and a climate that's never too hot or cold. Madeira lace and Madeira wine are both still produced here in the Old World tradition.


Galveston Island is Texas' top historic destination, offering 32 miles of relaxing beaches, great seafood, tropical scenery, superb restaurants, marvelous downtown shopping, breathtaking Victorian architecture, numerous antique stores, incredible art galleries, plus tons of attractions, entertainment venues and world-class sportfishing.

Be sure to bring along plenty of extra film, because you'll want to capture the natural beauty of Geiranger's magnificent fjord country. Thundering waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, crystalline glaciers, and still blue lakes make this a truly unforgettable area.


For centuries, Genoa has been a major commercial seaport. Today, it is one of Italy's largest cities. Genoa is located in northwestern Italy, in the inner harbor of the Gulf of Genoa. This city was once home to Christopher Columbus and world-renowned violinist Niccolò Paganini.

Grand Cayman is one of a group of three magnificent tropical islands Christopher Columbus called "Las Tortugas" (the turtles) for the sea creatures he found in the ocean water. The designation did not endure, however, for on later maps the islands were labeled the Caimanau, the Carib Indian word for "crocodile."

Located at the southernmost tip of Europe, the Rock of Gibraltar is literally between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Its unique location has played a pivotal role in history, as countries fought for control over this busy seaport.

Situated on the Asturian coast, Gijón offers an attractive combination of seafaring flavor, heritage buildings and modern urban development. The city began as a fishing village nearly 3,000 years ago and has developed into an important port on the Atlantic coast of Spain.

How can you resist a place whose local motto is "Sossegade," which translates to "Take it Easy"? Long a favorite destination for New Age travelers seeking the transcendent good life, these days Goa is more hip than hippie. High-end restaurants and shopping complement the dreamy beach life. Goa's historical atmosphere, shaped by a fascinating mix of Portuguese and Indian influences, is unique.

How can you resist a place whose local motto is "Sossegade," which translates to "Take it Easy"? Long a favorite destination for New Age travelers seeking the transcendent good life, these days Goa is more hip than hippie. High-end restaurants and shopping complement the dreamy beach life. Goa's historical atmosphere, shaped by a fascinating mix of Portuguese and Indian influences, is unique.

The second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg - Göteborg in Sweden - has become an up-and-coming city break destination for culture, shopping and entertainment. Altering its image from industrial seaport to contemporary cultural and international sports venue, Gothenburg has also acquired a stellar reputation as one of Northern Europe's most exciting gastronomic hubs. A handful of the city's sights & attractions are located within easy walking distance, as are most shops, restaurants and cafés.

Greenock is on the southern shore of the Firth of Clyde - slightly west of Glasgow. The town has a four-mile waterfront surrounded by hills and is composed of both a bustling industrial area on the lower water side and a residential area with a 19th-century flavor on the higher land.

As your ship comes into port, a bagpiper will welcome you to Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia. The "City of Trees" offers the warmth and charm of a small town along with all the excitement you would expect from a great city. Peggy's Cove, Citadel Hill, and the Acadian Country are just a few of the sights that will herald your arrival here.


An international port located on the estuary of the rivers Stour and Orwell in northeast Essex, Harwich is one of England's busiest coastal towns. It's also just 69 miles from London. Throughout history, the town has been a crucial port, providing a sheltered anchorage for many ships.

Helsinki is the sparkling capital of Finland, an elegant city of spectacular architecture, beautiful gardens, and harborside parks. The Finns have long been admired for graceful design and imaginative architecture. Many styles from centuries past and present are represented here, from medieval to neoclassical.

The Big Island. The Orchid Isle. The Volcano Island. You'd expect a place that has inspired so many descriptive nicknames to be a land of rare beauty and wonder. Such is the island of Hawaii.

The port of Phu My (pronounced Foo Me) is the gateway to Ho Chi Minh City and the seaside resort of Vung Tau. From Phu My you can discover the fascinating tunnel network at Cu Chi, used by the Viet Cong during the war. At their height they stretched from the South Vietnamese capital to the Cambodian border. The port of Phu My also leads to the vibrant and exciting Ho Chi Minh City, also know as Saigon where you can immerse yourself in unique colors, aromas, and sights.

There are few places as tranquil as the island of Tasmania. It's no surprise that Aussies head here for a taste of laid-back island life. Over a third of the landscape is covered with national parks and wilderness World Heritage areas. It's even home to one of the world's best beaches and tons of aboriginal creatures such as echidna, and Tasmanian devil.


A study of contrasts no matter how you look at it, Hong Kong's mix of the old and traditional alongside the new and contemporary can only mean a fascinating journey of discovery.

Situated in the far north of Norway, Honningsvåg is the gateway port to the famous Nordkapp, North Cape. The little fishing community invites you to get to know the Sami culture, visit herds of reindeer, and join a king-crab safari or a dog-sledding team under the Northern Lights. Part of the Arctic Circle region, you can also witness some of nature's greatest phenomenon, the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights.


Hawaii's capital is indeed the jewel city of the Pacific. From Diamond Head and the world-famous beaches of Waikiki, to the inspiring memorials of Pearl Harbor and the Punchbowl National Cemetery, to the only royal palace ever constructed on U.S. soil.


The city of Hualien is located in Hualien County, facing the vast Pacific Ocean in the east and leaning against the grand Central Mountain Range in the west. Recognized for its beautiful scenery, the area offers tourists many attractions that keep the cameras clicking and eyes round with astonishment. Natural sights, including Taroko National Park, East Coast National Scenic Area and Yushan National Park make Hualien one of the most beautiful places in Taiwan.

The longest river of ice in North America, the Hubbard Glacier is also one of the most active glaciers of its kind in Alaska. And since our ships are designed to provide our guests with the best viewing possible, you'll be able to see this massive natural wonder, with its 1,350 square miles of blue ice, from just about anywhere on the ship.

The culture and style of Ibiza is as varied as its pronunciation ("e-vee-tha" or "e-bee-tha" or "e-bee-zha," depending on where you're from). And you'd be hard-pressed to find such a cosmopolitan mix outside Paris or Manhattan. Ibiza attracts all sorts of people with its vibrant nightlife, gorgeous beaches and perfect Mediterranean climate.

Icy Strait Point is located near the city of Hoonah, the largest native Tlingit Indian settlement in Alaska, and very near Glacier Bay National Park. Home to a historic cannery, the port's connection to the sea is strong. Locals share the sea with humpback whales, orcas, Dall porpoises, seals, sea otters, halibut and all five species of Pacific salmon.

If you've spent your life searching for paradise, you'll find it in Ihla Grande. The former inhabitants who made this paradise a home have long abandoned their posts. There has been little colonization since, which has helped to maintain Ilha Grande's charming appeal, sparkling waters, lush rainforests and natural beauty.

The green, mountainous island of Ilhabela has always held itself slightly apart from the mainland of Brazil. Discovered in 1502 by Américo Vespúcio, the island has served as an outpost against foreign navies, pirates, slavery and smugglers. Later attempts at taming the island for coffee production failed.

Tucked in a hidden bay in southern Bahia sits the colonial seaport of Ilhéus. This charming harbor town has been made famous by the acclaimed author Jorge Amado - it's the setting for the novelist's well-read story Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon. Fall under the spell of the city's history, beauty and intrigue on paper and in person.

Cruising through the Inside Passage is really what has made Alaska cruising so popular. This trip captures so much of what people love about Alaska. There are glaciers the size of Rhode Island. Misty rain forests and ghostly blue fjords. And spirited communities that celebrate their varied heritage.

Inverness in the Scottish Highlands is the stuff of myths and legends. It was here that Gaelic King Macbeth, Shakespeare source for the famous play, once ruled. And just down the River Ness is the mythical Loch Ness.

It's been said that Captain James Cook named the Isle of Pines without ever stepping foot on its shore. Sure those sturdy Araucaria trees make a statement, but this pretty island deep in the South Pacific is so much more.

Jasper, a stop on our Canadian Rockies Cruisetours, offers all kinds of outdoor adventures and activities. It's also a great place to see elk, which come right downtown every spring and fall. On your way to the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, you’ll travel by the Rocky Mountaineer® train.

This tranquil island off the coast of South Korea is a favourite with couples due to its waterfalls, beaches and warm tropical waters. Breathtaking views range from waterfalls at Hae-anjidae to the naturally sculpted cliffs at Jusang Jeolli. Jeju Island is much more than just a tourist destination.

Juneau, the capital of Alaska, was founded during a gold rush in 1880. Today, the former gold-mining town counts among its riches some of Alaska's most spectacular scenery. Nestled at the foot of Mt. Juneau in the Alaska Panhandle, it faces the water from the mainland side of Gastineau Channel.

Located along Hawaii's western shore, where the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai meet the sea, the Kona Coast is a region of endless lava fields and golden Pacific sunsets. The clear waters are perfect for diving, snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing. At the heart of the Kona Coast lies the charming resort village of Kailua.

Kaohsiung (say "gow-shung") is a little off-the-beaten-path, but a gem of a destination for the lucky ones who go. Originally a fishing village, it's now the largest shipping port on Taiwan and full of surprises. Explore the old city on one side of the river, the new downtown on the other side, the park area of Shoushan (Mount Shou) where indigenous monkeys roam free, or the Lotus Lake district where Buddist temples, pavilions and pagodas stand ever tranquil.

Whether you're into sports, history, art, or just lounging by the sea, the charming village of Katakolon, Greece, is a good place to start. From here it's just a quick trip to famed Olympia, birthplace of the modern Olympics and one-time home to a Wonder of the Ancient World.

Ketchikan originated as an Indian fish saltery, but the town's major growth began when it became a supply base and entry port for miners during the 1898 Gold Rush to the Klondike.

Ernest Hemingway made wild, colorful Key West his home, and you will want to do the same. Home to modern-day adventurers, artists and poets, the island's charming Old Town teems with restaurants, bars and unique shops. Add pristine coral reefs, coconut palms and a laid-back attitude that's truly contagious.

King's Wharf has something for everyone. Sample typical island food and stroll through the shops and museums of the Royal Naval Dockyard, an impressive military fortress built in 1815. Sail the clear waters of Hamilton Sound. Find quaint gems at the Bermuda Arts Center and Craft Market.

Klaksvík is located on Borðoy, one of 6 islands that make up Denmark’s Norðuroyggjar, the Northern Isles. The town is not only the capital of the Northern Islands but also the second largest town of the Faroe Islands. With the opening of the Leirvík sub sea tunnel, Klaksvík is physically linked with the mainland of the Faroe Islands and can now be considered one of its key ports. Residents are found to be enterprising, appreciative of nature and are deeply rooted in the Faroe cultural heritage.

This multicultural city offers you the chance to experience golfing and hot springs against a backdrop of misty mountains.

Koper, the Old Town at least, is one big sight. From carved grey Istrian limestone to narrow intertwining streets leading to the main square, boasting the largest cathedral in Slovenia, everything in Koper narrates a story of past and present moments. While wandering and mixing with locals, visitors and hoards of day trippers, you are liable to hear Italian spoken as well as Slovenian, and there are Italian signs everywhere.

One of the oldest and most famous Montenegrin towns is Kotor. The coastal town is located in a most secluded part of the Gulf of Kotor, at the foot of mountain Lovcen. Kotor is a typical Mediterranean travel destination with old narrow streets, romantic bars and restaurants, small shops, antique monuments, churches and picturesque buildings. Famous poets and writers have used the beauty of the Bay of Kotor as inspiration for their works.

Often called simply "Playa" or "Beach" by local residents, Kralendijk is the sleepy capital of Bonaire, an island in the Dutch Antilles. Strung along one of Bonaire's many attractive beaches, Kralendijk is lined with delightfully pastel stucco houses, in pinks, oranges and lime greens.

Founded in 1641, Kristiansand is the capital of Southern Norway and a modern trade, cultural and communications center. Norway?s fifth largest city, Kristiansand is situated on the south coast of Norway, facing the European continent and surrounded by water on three sides.

Malaysia's cosmopolitan capital city is beautiful as it is bustling with activity. With sprawling shopping centres, a vibrant nightlife and a scrumptious selection of food, you'll have a ball of a time.

Explore a city touched by natural beauty that’s also fused with modernity. Kuantan’s scenic beaches and waterfalls line the South China Sea, and its urban core offers plenty of city attractions and shopping centers to wander in.

Kusadasi is your gateway to Ephesus, a city created by the Ionians in the 11th century B.C. and later expanded by the Romans. Now considered one of the grandest reconstructed sites in the ancient world, the region also hosted the likes of Cleopatra, Mark Antony, the Virgin Mary and John the Apostle.

If there ever was a seafaring city, La Coruña is it. It's been a port and gateway to world travelers for over 2,000 years. And from almost any spot, you can witness spectacular panoramic views of the ocean.

Made up of volcanic rock and lush green vegetation, there's no wonder why the island of La Palma is also known as "The Pretty Isle." It's one of seven islands in the Canary Islands archipelago off the coast of Africa and is dominated by natural beauty, from bright blue skies to black-sand beaches.

The port city of La Spezia is surrounded by spectacular Tuscan scenery. Set off from here to explore Florence - the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and home to world-class art galleries, museums and dining

On the north coast of Hispaniola, surrounded by beautiful mountain slopes and exotic foliage, sits Labadee®, Royal Caribbean's private paradise. This exclusive destination offers pristine beaches, breathtaking scenery and spectacular water activities. We even have an amazing new Aqua Park for kids.

The Hawaiian phrase "Maui No Ka Oi" means "Maui is the best." You'll agree, after a visit to the enchanting Valley Isle. Explore the old whaling town of Lahaina and the nearby West Maui Mountains. Or explore Haleakala National Park and its 10,000-foot volcano crater. Then travel the road to Hana and experience a true taste of old Hawaii.

This island off the West coast of Malaysia is a beach paradise, with a history that hints at ancient mysteries. Get familiar with the wildlife on the island excursions or dive straight into the clear, blue waters.

With its landscapes filled with beaches and more than 300 volcanoes, plus perfect weather all year round, you'll quickly see why Lanzarote is an award-winning tourist destination.

Gran Canaria is one of the seven Canary Islands, located off the northwest corner of Africa. As the most populated island of the archipelago, you'll find the local culture is a unique blend of Spanish, African, Latin American and Northern European communities. But the diversity doesn't end there.

The city of Lautoka is situated on the northwest coast of the island of Viti Levu. The second-largest city of Fiji, Lautoka serves an important sugarcane-growing district and is the country's leading sugar export port. As a place with a vibrant population and a colorful life, the cultural lifestyle of the people here are worth exploring. The natural wonders of Lautoka, Fiji are just as outstanding.


Paris, the capital city of France, is a beautiful, artistic city, situated in the north-central part of France. The city lies on both banks of the River Seine. The north bank was historically the area where Royalty and the wealthy merchant-class lived, and today it is the government and commercial district.

Shetland's only town, Lerwick is a bustling, cosmopolitan seaport with services and amenities only found in much larger places on the British mainland. The extensive leisure and entertainment facilities provide warm hospitality to visitors. The old waterfront is thronged with pleasure boats, visiting yachts, historic craft and working fishing boats. Explore a variety of lively bars and clubs, ranging from popular "theme" bars to more traditional hostelries.

Lifou is the capital of the Loyalty Islands, a far-flung archipelago located off the French island New Caledonia, which is east of Australia. Known for its friendly inhabitants and its physical beauty, Lifou is truly an island paradise. The islanders are of mixed Melanesian and Polynesian heritage, with a small European minority. European whalers were the first visitors to the Loyalty Islands, and contemporary visitors can still enjoy the islands' timelessly relaxed beauty.

Portugal is for explorers. Its valiant seamen first charted the Azores, discovered Japan and unlocked the major sea routes the world over. As your ship sails into the harbor of Lisbon, share the anticipation these sailors experienced as they ventured into new and exciting lands for the first time.

Livorno, in the Tuscan region of Italy, is ideally located for exploring some of the most beautiful cities in Italy, including Florence and Pisa. Florence is most noted as the birthplace of the Renaissance.

We offer two unique cruisetours to London. You can choose to experience history firsthand, by visiting the many cultural and historical highlights of London. This trip has its own own magic and provides an interesting look at one of the world's greatest cities.

Luganville is the second-largest town on Vanuatu, one of over 300 islands of volcanic origin located in Melanesia. Its population is extremely diverse, with over 100 different languages, a multitude of dialects and a South Pacific island heritage.

Experience Madrid - Spain's version of "the city that never sleeps." Here in Spain's capital our cruisetour guests can experience fine restaurants, eateries, and bars for as long as you can stay awake.


A bustling coastal city and the capital of Costa del Sol, Málaga is the second largest port in Spain. One of the most interesting places to explore is the old historic quarter, which dates back nearly 800 years. The birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Málaga boasts miles of beautiful beaches, picturesque gardens and fantastic weather.

Relax in one of the three Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia. Surround yourself with lagoons teeming with marine life, hike along fossilized coral rock and discover secret grottoes.

Sitting pretty in the southeast corner of Australia is the very multi-dimensional Melbourne. Whether you're into football or funky fashion, local pubs or chichi cafés, out there or traditional architecture - this epicenter of everything truly has it all. Including a rich and notorious past.


Just three miles off the coast of southern Italy's mainland is the port town of Messina on the island of Sicily. This bustling town has a complex history with roots in Greek mythology but, because of an earthquake in the early 1900s, it's a relatively young city architecturally.


South Florida's exciting, international city is much more than the gateway to Latin America. It's one of the world's most popular vacation destinations. With its world-renowned beaches, unrivaled nightlife, unique culinary experiences and Latin flavor, this is one place you'll want to check out.

For first-time visitors and lifelong natives alike, Milford Sound is one of the most immediately breathtaking places in New Zealand. The 22-km-long fjord is dominated by beautiful Mitre Peak and calmed by gorgeous waters that mirror the sheer peaks surrounding them.

At the end of the 19th century, Molde was among the leading fjord destination in the country, and the town was one of the main attractions when the first cruise ship with paying passengers visited Norway in 1882. Often referred to as the “Town of Roses”, Molde is the administrative centre of the county of Møre og Romsdal, as well as being an active educational, trading and touristic town.

Monte Carlo is a buffer between the Maritime Alps and the azure-tinted waters that give the Côte d'Azur its name. Active casinos, pampering resorts, and countless sporting events lend themselves to unforgettable moments in Monaco.

Uruguay's capital city and one of the Americas' most important seaports, Montevideo draws travelers from all over the world. Narrow streets and varied architectural styles ranging from colonial to Art Deco reveal this vibrant city's strong Spanish, Portuguese, French and British influences.

If you're in need of an essential island escape - sun, sand, surf and all the tranquility that goes with it - say hello to Moorea. This ethereal atoll is an unsung romantic and a tad more laidback than its "big name" sister islands in the South Pacific.

Typically, one's instinct would be to run from a volcanic eruption. In this case, however, that would be a mistake. Romantic and mysterious, Kilauea is both one of the most spectacular and most active volcanoes in the world. Since 1998, the island has grown 560 acres, leading some to marvel at its ability to create rather than destroy. Never contestable is its beauty. Pack a camera, Kilauea's landscape will fuel daydreams for a lifetime.

As one of the Middle East's oldest cities - dating back to the 2nd century AD, it's hard to believe that Muscat has been open to tourists for only a few decades. But seeing is believing!

In the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean lies one of the most inviting places in all of Greece - Mykonos. Its countless bays and beaches and its quaint cobblestone streets are bound to welcome any visitor.

Located on the southern most point of the Vanuatu archipelago, this little jewel of the South Pacific is completely uninhabited. Formerly used as an allied forces landing strip during WWII, today only palm trees and sweet seclusion grow from the white sand of Mystery Island.

The locals know it to be one of the most beautiful places in the country, with an offering of cultural insights owing to its many festivals and parades.

Naha is the largest city in the Okinawa prefecture, and connects travellers from not only Japan, but all over Asia. Places of interest include Shuri Castle which houses the ruins of the Enkaku-ji Temple, Tama-don and the tombs of Kings of Ryukyu.

Napier, a port city in the Hawke Bay region of New Zealand, is the art deco capital of the world. After a 7.9 magnitude earthquake, and subsequent fires, destroyed most of its commercial center in 1931, the city was rebuilt in the flamboyant art deco style prevalent at the time. The clean geometric lines, neon clocks and brightly lit fountains lend Napier a movie-set feel.


Naples is not only picturesque, it's also one of the world's greatest cultural centers, filled with extraordinary works of art and architecture in the classical Greek and Roman styles. Several interesting tours are available of the city itself and the fascinating places that lie just outside of Naples.

Located on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Salerno neighbors Italy's cherished Amalfi Coast. One of the larger cities in the area, Salerno is a lively modern center with a charming medieval sector at its heart. Set out from Salerno to visit the Amalfi Coast. Or stay and explore the city's long and eventful history before enjoying a leisurely stroll along Salerno's stunning Lungomare Trieste (seafront promenade), which rivals those of the French Riviera.


Naples is not only picturesque, it's also one of the world's greatest cultural centers, filled with extraordinary works of art and architecture in the classical Greek and Roman styles. Several interesting tours are available of the city itself and the fascinating places that lie just outside of Naples.

For a city now known for its warming sun and balmy breezes, Nassau has a tumultuous past. First settled by the English, the area was contested by England, France and Spain. For many years, Nassau was a home base for notorious pirates, and it was burned to the ground by the Spanish three different times.

The Garden Isle of Kauai is the tropical paradise that dreams are made of: a land of towering ocean cliffs and impossibly green valleys, pristine rain forests and cascading waterfalls as well as some of the world's most photographed beaches.


Two words always come to mind when you think about New Orleans: Mardi Gras. But it's so much more than that. Anyone interested in food, history or music - as well as romantics of all sorts - will enjoy a visit to New Orleans. The weather can be extremely hot, just like the Cajun and Creole dishes this town is famous for. If your cruise is departing from New Orleans, you may want to spend an extra day or two here, exploring this fascinating city.

Newcastle is New South Wales' second largest city and provides all the excitement of a large city with the hospitality of a regional town. In fact, Newcastle is an Australian port city which stands apart from other port cities. A harbour with a picturesque coastline, an interesting topography, tree lined streets and a rich legacy of historic and architecturally significant buildings make up Newcastle.

Nouméa, the charming capital of New Caledonia, has quite a few things to brag about. It's the third largest island in the South Pacific. It's home to the world's largest lagoon and second largest coral reef. And if that's not enough, it's part French. The cuisine is fabulous. The shopping, well, can you say haute couture?


A glittering fjord and a vast sea. Towering mountains. Blue glaciers between green valleys. Norway's Nordfjord region is all this and more. And the sleepy little village of Olden is the key that unlocks the door to these natural wonders.

Located on the picturesque southern coast, Oranjestad is the historic Dutch capital of Aruba, where the traditional, tall, multicolored houses combine carved wooden doors and typical Dutch tiles with open-air patios.


Oslo is the oldest of the Scandinavian capital cities with a varied collection of cultural attractions and natural wonders. Situated at the head of a 60-mile fjord on the southern coast, Oslo is beautifully framed by a vast expense of woods, moors and lakes. Today, Norway's capital is a blend of 19th and 20th-century architectural styles.

From the stunning deep-water harbor-formerly a volcanic crater that collapsed and filled with seawater—to the towering mountains that surround it, Pago Pago is unforgettably scenic. You'll find rocky islets that create warm lagoons perfect for swimming. And the stunning panoramic views from the Afono Pass guarantee impressive photos.


Palma de Mallorca is the largest of the Spanish Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean and is located just off the east coast of Spain. The island's coastline is marked by a series of small caves and beautiful beaches. Palma de Mallorca is the capital city of the Balearic Islands and nearly two-thirds of the total population live in Palma.

The canal is both an engineering marvel and one of the most significant waterways on earth. Stretching 50 miles from Panama City on the Pacific side to Colón on the Atlantic side, it provides passage for over 12,000 ocean-going vessels per year.

Brilliant blue lagoons, proud jagged peaks, coconut groves and a hint of gardenia in the air. Everything you've ever imagined about this island is true. An enchanting place to say the least, its little wonder Tahiti is a muse to so many. Herman Melville and Paul Gauguin certainly found some inspiration here.

Paris, the capital city of France, is a beautiful, artistic city, situated in the north-central part of France. The city lies on both banks of the River Seine. The north bank was historically the area where Royalty and the wealthy merchant-class lived, and today it is the government and commercial district.

Penang combines breathtaking beauty with substance. Its multicultural background adds character to the city and is also the reason why it's known as the food capital of Malaysia.


Perth, the capital of the state of Western Australia, is the fastest growing major city in Australia, with a population of over 1.5 million people. Situated alongside the tranquil waters of the Swan River (named for the indigenous population of Black Swans), much of Perth's growth and vitality is due to its proximity to surrounding natural resources.

The city of Perth is best known for its sunshine (3000 hours of sunshine a year), natural beauty and relaxed pace. You'll also find some of the country?s best beaches, plenty of things to see and do when the sun sets, bustling waterfront markets, inner city parks and plenty more. Notable attractions include the meandering Swan River, the neighboring port city of Fremantle, the vineyards of Swan Valley and the landscaped gardens of Kings Park.

When the Spanish closed their colonial fort on St. Maarten in 1648, a few Dutch and French soldiers hid on the island and decided to share it. Soon after, the Netherlands and France signed a formal agreement to split St. Maarten in half, as it is today. Philipsburg displays its Dutch heritage in its architecture and landscaping.

One of the world's most popular holiday destinations, boasting world-famous beaches and a tranquil, tropical setting.

Imagine a scene of regal sailboats floating atop blue waters, hugged by a picturesque landscape of rolling green mountains and cloud sprinkled skies. This is Picton, New Zealand, a charming seaside town at the head of Queen Charlotte Sound.

Piraeus is the main port of Athens, the biggest in Greece, and one of the most important in the Mediterranean Sea. Piraeus is walking distance from Kastella, a hill strewn with beautiful houses that offers a majestic view of the Saronic Gulf.

The Azores are made up of nine islands that belong to Portugal and are located in the North Atlantic Ocean about 800 miles off its coast. The most important city is Ponta Delgada, located on the island of São Miguel. Make sure you try the pineapple, called the "King of Fruits" and "Fruit of Kings." It's simply delicious.


The gateway to Central Florida, Port Canaveral provides access to the wonderful theme parks and entertainment complexes of Orlando, the spectacular wonders of the Kennedy Space Center and the natural habitats of the alligator and Florida manatee.

Fishing village charm meets aquatic amusement and jungle intrigue in Port Douglas. And if you think this sounds like the perfect setting for your Australian adventure, wait 'til you experience it firsthand. Take a dip in the warm tropical waters. Sip a fruity drink at one of the many seaside cafés.

Port Hedland has been the center of a thriving iron-ore industry with a natural harbor that handles the largest tonnage of any port in Australia. Though renowned for its massive resource industry, long trains, big ships and salt piles, the port town is just as rich in pristine beaches and mangroves, which are home to an abundance of fish and other wildlife. Much of the population resides in the satellite town of South Hedland.

Portland is situated on the Dorset and East Devon Coast, also known as The Jurassic Coast. Though most famous for the Portland Bill Lighthouse, Portland offers stunning scenery, a wealth of wildlife, a dramatic coastline plus superb watersport facilities and many sites that are designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Portland is of particular interest for walking enthusiasts who enjoy taking in wonderful scenery and spectacular views.

Portland offers a unique combination of Maine's rich history and its own vibrant culture. Local artisans offer their handiwork along the streets of the Arts District and the Old Port Exchange. Colorful boats line the shores of Casco Bay, and wonderful freshly cooked seafood abounds in this charming seaside town.


Located on the southeastern coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea, Marseille is the oldest city in the country and second largest after Paris. Thanks to its long and unique past - Greek sailors originally settled the city back in 600 B.C. - this bustling port is filled with history and amazing architecture.

Ships, ships and more ships. Toulon is France's exciting naval epicenter. Bobbing sailboats dot its busy harbor. On land you'll find tons of maritime museums, ancient fortresses and a fair share of sailors. And in true French fashion you'll also find plenty of stylish spots for shopping and lunching.

For centuries, Guatemala's cobblestone streets, breathtaking landscapes and diverse cultures have welcomed visitors from all over the world, helping to make Guatemala City the widely celebrated jewel of Central America.

This once-sleepy fishing village became a popular resort after The Night of the Iguana was filmed here in 1964. Nestled on the 28-mile curve of Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta has steadfastly held on to its character. Red tile roofs and rows of balconies, spilling over with colorful bougainvillea, still line its cobblestone streets.

This former jet-setter's paradise is in the midst of a renaissance and it's easy to see why. Sure there are the stylish streets with designer shops and discos where you can dance till dawn, but the real draw to this decadent peninsula are its beaches.

Tiny Puntarenas, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, is situated between the volcanic beaches of the Golfo de Nicoya and some of the country's highest mountain peaks. Within a half-hour's drive from the port, tropical jungles give up their secrets to the casual observer.


Perched atop the rocky cliffs at the confluence of the Saint Charles and Saint Lawrence River, Quebec City is at the heart of French Canada. The European atmosphere, historic character and Old-World charm of this vibrant city come alive as you walk its narrow cobblestone alleyways past the stone houses and churches of the Old City.

Little wonder life is electric in Queenstown, it's built on a lake shaped like a lightning bolt, after all. Of course, the scenery created by the surrounding Remarkables and Eyres mountain ranges certainly doesn't hurt either.

Al Ain was once a vital oasis in the caravan route from the UAE to Oman, and is the birthplace of Abu Dhabi's ruling Al Nahyan family. There are many words that describe the city of Al Ain including "Garden City," "The Spring" and "Oasis City."

Located on the Adriatic coast in North-East Italy, Ravenna was briefly the capital of the Roman Empire and later the Italian capital of the Byzantine Empire. During this time, incredible mosaics were constructed throughout the city. Described as a symphony of color in Dante's Divine Comedy, Ravenna's well-preserved mosaics are some of the finest remaining in the Western world.

Recife (pronounced "he-si-fee") is an enchanting port city named for the coral reefs that align its coasts. Recife is brimming with vibrant culture and gorgeous beaches and is a major draw for tourists from all over during Carnaval, one of the biggest parties in the world.

Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, is small in size but vast in culture and heritage. Founded thousands of years ago by Nordic settlers, this destination boasts a breathtaking coastline with scenic peninsulas, crisp straits and picturesque islands.

Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, is truly a vacation destination with something for everyone: sunshine, spectacular beaches on the Aegean Sea, a medieval walled city, an ancient acropolis, and much more. In ancient times, the people of Rhodes chose Helios, the Sun, as their divine patron.

Welcome to Riga, Latvia - a metropolis with a big-city atmosphere. Funky and vibrant, Riga invites you to summers of sitting out all night in the city's beer tents or playing beach football, and winters of hurtling down a championship bobsleigh track at 100 kilometers per hour followed by a soothing massage in one of the city's top spa complexes.

Rio is famous for its wild beaches and outrageous Carnival celebrations. But this energetic city offers so much more. It lies between the sea and several fertile green mountains, including Pão d'Açucar (Sugarloaf) Mountain, and Corcovado, home to the famous art-deco statue of Christ the Redeemer.

This truly unspoiled island is surrounded by the world's second-largest coral reef, which houses hundreds of varieties of beautiful sea life. So it's easy to see why Roatán's waters are considered some of the best in the world for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Roseau is a charming costal village of Dominica and your gateway to one of the Caribbean's most untouched islands. With its lush forested mountains, countless rivers, and black-sand beaches, you'll see why it's called the "Nature Island of the Caribbean." If you've ever wondered what an authentic Caribbean island was like, this is it.

Spa lovers and culture vultures rejoice! This seething hotbed of spouting geysers, boiling mud pools and warm geothermal springs surrounded by silica terraces is a natural spa paradise set in the heartland of ancient New Zealand Maori culture.

Once a tidy merchant port on the coast of the Red Sea, in recent years Safaga has developed into an attractive and popular resort town known for water sports, relaxation and rejuvenation. Sun lovers and sportsmen are attracted to its magnificent bay, islands and beautiful beaches.

Renowned as one of the most beautiful region in Quebec, the Saguenay area includes 14 municipalities and stretches from Larouche to Tadoussac and Ville Saguenay to the Saguenay River fjords. Relatively young, Ville Saguenay was born of the regrouping of seven municipalities in February 2002 and now stands as one of the 10 largest cities in Quebec.

Founded by Loyalists escaping the Revolutionary War in 1785, Saint John has emerged as a thriving port city. Its restored historic waterfront and surrounding natural beauty have made Saint John a wonderful destination.

Northeastern Brazil, where Salvador de Bahia lies, developed as an important center for sugarcane production. You can see the enormous wealth that came from the crop reflected in the grand mansions and gold-lined churches in Pelourinho.

The verdant peninsula of Samana is paradise found for nature enthusiasts. Somewhat remote and removed from the tourist trail, this patch of paradise is home to one of the most important rain forests and mangrove reserves in the Caribbean. And its crystal-clear coast features some of the best diving on the northern side of the Dominican Republic.


San Diego is California's "first city," with roots dating back to 1796. San Diego's beautiful harbor is a lovely place to stroll and explore. Historic Seaport Village, along the Embarcadero, is filled with fascinating shops and galleries. But if you wish to explore further, San Diego offers a world of excitement.


One of the largest islands in the Eastern Caribbean, Puerto Rico's landscape encompasses mountains, underground caves, coral reefs, white-sand beaches and an incredibly massive rain forest that supplies fresh water to most of the island.

Black-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and whitewashed villages that cling to volcanic cliffs make the island of Santorini a wonder to behold. Many visitors come to Santorini to uncover the mysteries of the lost kingdom of Atlantis, while others revel in its relaxed mountaintop atmosphere to enjoy the scenic waters of the Mediterranean.


Home to 17 million people and spanning over 3,000 square miles, São Paulo is the third-largest city in the world. The warm climate and red clay soil surrounding the city are perfect for growing coffee. And with the arrival of the railway in 1867, large-scale cultivation took hold.


Sapporo is located in western Hokkaido and is the largest city on the island. In the heart of the city, Odori Avenue Park stretches from east to west and is filled with art objects, fountains, lilac and acacia plants and lots of flowerbeds. Trading companies, financial institutions and local government offices populate the northern area and a large underground shopping mall dominates the southern area.


Seattle is often characterized by its laid-back attitude and rainy climate, but this thriving metropolis also offers one-of-a-kind architecture, the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges, and a unique urban sophistication.


Seward is not only one of Alaska's oldest communities, it's also one of its most scenic. Visit and discover this picturesque town known as the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park. You'll find a historic downtown district filled with quaint shops and art galleries, and some of the most exciting outdoor adventures imaginable.

Often called "The City of Peace," Sharm El Sheikh is a splendid beach community that gets right down to the basics-sun, sea and sand. The town's cluster of beachfront hotels are surrounded by colorful Bedouin tents, mountains, and sea.


This island city seems to be ultra modern and a commercial centre at first, but dig a little deeper and you'll discover a mix of cultures and colonial history which gives it its unique character.

When gold was discovered in the Klondike region of the Yukon Territory (just across the border from Alaska), it resulted in the historic Gold Rush of 1898.

Soak up the expansive landscapes in Skjolden, a village in the middle of Sognefjord, the largest fjord in Norway. The blend of greenery, glaciers and waterfalls surrounding this picturesque village are sure to invigorate.


One of the world's most famed ports, Southampton served as the launching point of the Mayflower and the Titanic. Today, it's one of the busiest passenger ports and home to a waterfront dotted with restaurants, shops and curios.

Split is one of the Adriatic's most amazing seaports and Croatia's second-largest city. Not only does this 1700-year-old harbor have its share of historic monuments, museums and galleries but from here you can visit dreamy Adriatic islands, sporting some of the world's best beaches.

St. Croix, the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, is a tropical dreamland complete with stunning beaches, clear aqua-blue ocean water, a small rain forest and rolling green hillsides. The Danes purchased St. Croix in the 1700s at which time the slave trade and sugar cane fields thrived.

From the moment you set your eyes on St. George's, you'll see why it's considered one of the most picturesque ports in the Caribbean. Lush vegetation, mountainous terrain and colorful colonial architecture make up the landscape. And if the sights don't wow your senses, the aroma will.

The first settlement on the island we now know as Antigua was not established until the 1600s, when English settlers arrived. Antigua remained a part of the British Commonwealth until its independence in 1981.

Protected by a narrow, rocky entrance, St. John's harbor may seem like a quaint island village, but it is actually a modern city with plenty of cultural attractions. This vibrant port city is a nice contrast to some of the more rural outlying areas, and offers plenty of amenities for travelers and locals alike.

St. Petersburg is rich in cultural heritage, and a masterpiece of architecture that embodies the soul of Imperial Russia. In 1703, Peter the Great built a fortress on the banks of the Neva River, and by 1712 a new city had emerged. Elegant façades, glorious cathedrals and grand residences were built along the city's canals.

Located north east of Boston and south of the Canadian province of Newfoundland are the last remnant of France?s once large possessions on this continent. Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, both modern and quaint French towns, are part of a group of eight French islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. Experience the Archipelago lifestyle, wander around at your own leisurely pace and discover the unique sights and sounds that make Saint-Pierre and Miquelon a wonderful destination.

Stavanger, located in southwestern Norway, is a delightful mixture of old-world charm and cosmopolitan bustle. An active seaport and thriving economic center, Norway's 4th - largest city is nestled between imposing mountains and sandy beaches. Prepare to explore narrow, romantic streets and a historic marketplace where fresh fish and vegetables have been sold in the open air since the 9th century.


Situated where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea, Stockholm was founded as a fortress in the mid-13th century. The fortress grew into a town, spread to nearby islands, and the mainland eventually became the capital of Sweden. It is a city of remarkable beauty with its numerous parks, tree-lined squares and boulevards and pleasant water vistas.

At it's opening in 1869, the Suez Canal was the first salt-water passage between the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Without it, a cargo ship sailing from Italy to Singapore would have to go around the southern tip of Africa, doubling the travel time and distance. The canal is 103 miles long and about 8% of the world's sea trade goes through it.

The tropical paradise Suva lies on a beautiful peninsula on the Island of Viti Levu (pronounced Vee-tee Lay-vu), the largest island and the hub of the entire archipelago of Fiji. A city rich with color, life, and exuberant energy, Suva is Fiji's most concentrated confluence of ethnicities and cultures, mixing Indian, European, Chinese and South Pacific Islands. The city's downtown is a jigsaw of colonial buildings, modern shopping plazas, abundant eateries and a breezy esplanade.


The whole world's in love with Sydney. It's stylish, it's sophisticated, it's home to some of the friendliest people on the planet. And yes, a few koalas, if you know where to look. What's not to love? This gateway to the Outback has it all: endless outdoor adventure around the harbor or in spots like the Blue Mountains.

Sydney, Nova Scotia's second-largest city, is situated on the east side of beautiful Cape Breton Island. Once a booming center for mining and steel, this colonial seaport serves as a gateway to some of the most historic sites and scenic landscapes of the North Atlantic.


Taichung is located in Central Taiwan, a region marked by striking mountains, hot springs, and rich, cultural resources. A city that enjoys spring all year-round, Taichung is home to a thriving cultural scene, friendly people and exquisite scenery. The city also offers a pedestrian-only street which is lined on both sides with fashion boutiques, tea and coffee shops, foreign restaurants, galleries, and other establishments.

Taipei is a city of opposites. There are ancient temples and neon-laden clubs. The world's tallest building and tiniest markets. The bustle of millions of people and the peace of botanical gardens. And if you are a gourmet, Taipei offers the greatest variety of Chinese food in the world. This capital of the Republic of China and Taiwan's largest city is one destination that will leave you feeling a more fulfilled person.

Talkeetna is known as a mountaineering town where thousands have come to climb Mt. McKinley, which looms majestically in the background. Cruisetours to this quaint town allow for plenty of time to explore the area and get to know this beautiful corner of Alaska.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is one of the oldest cities on the Baltic Sea, founded in 1154. Its Old Town has remained remarkably unchanged for the past 600 years, making it one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Today's Tallinn is also a thoroughly modern capital filled with parks, museums, sports centers, hotels and cafés.


Tampa, Florida is not only a port - it's a destination full of exciting and fun things to do. Experience beautiful beaches, historical sights, arts, entertainment, fabulous restaurants and, if you can find time, the nearby city of St. Petersburg.

Tauranga lies in the heart of the Bay of Plenty region, about 2.5 hours south of the city of Auckland. It has become one of New Zealand's fastest-growing areas thanks to plentiful sunshine and beautiful beaches. But with a population of only about 100,000, Tauranga can still offer you generous space to yourself.

The largest of the Canary Archipelago, the island of Tenerife consists of many different regions - each with its own characteristics. There are mountains, lush valleys, a gigantic crater (which is now a national park) and, of course, fabulous beaches. If the beautiful landscapes don't bring a smile to your face, the weather certainly will.

The Arctic Circle is an invisible circle of latitude on the earth's surface that runs 66° 33? 39". The Arctic Circle is also the name given to the region around the North Pole.Vast and spectacular, it is a region of immense beauty, unusual wildlife and interesting peoples. Whether it is an adventure into history, an exploration of natural wonders, or a look at rare and amazing cultures, there is a voyage for everyone in the land of the midnight sun.


Tīanjīn, "Jin" for short, is China's largest municipality-level city after international superstars Shanghai and Beijing. Sightseeing in Tīanjīn has much to offer: an eclectic stock of colonial-era, European-style buildings, excellent examples of classical architecture, a dynamic culture featuring delicious seafood-based cuisine and enough historical sites that illuminates the city's past, present and future.


Even though Tokyo is among the largest, most frenetic cities in the world, it's still able to maintain a great deal of efficiency and charm. Amid the endless buzzing neon signs and the overhead cable webs, Tokyo is home to some of the world's most impressive architecture, stylish shops and 4-star restaurants.

Tortola - envision it. Banana, mango and palm trees swaying gently in the warm tropical breeze. Exotic steel drum music. Some of the best white-sand beaches in the British Virgin Islands. And that's just the north side of the island. On the south side, Tortola's rugged mountain roads lead to spectacular views.

Nestled between 3,000-foot high granite walls, the narrow, twisting slice of ocean called Tracy Arm Fjord weaves through the Tongass National Forest for roughly 35 miles. The shoreline is spotted with waterfalls created by melting snowcaps and trees sprouting at odd angles from rocky outcroppings.

Picture a colorful arctic city with a lively cultural scene, a delectable dining scene, a bustling nightlife and residents who are ready to help you in your quest for arctic fun. Winters are characterized with rides in reindeer-driven sleighs, dog sledding and ice fishing while summers offer canoeing in tranquil forests, wild bike rides down hillsides and hiking the Lyngen Alps

Comfortably sitting in central Norway, Trondheim is widely considered the gateway to the north and the cradle of national patriotism. Though often described as Norway?s capital of technology, Trondheim is a lively historical university town filled with classic wooden townhouses of the 19th century and terraced flats. The old Pilgrims? Route between Olso and Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim have attracted many to the ancient pilgrimage site.


Marvel at the collision of old-world charm and modern architectural genius in Valencia - Spain's gateway to the Mediterranean. Among the baroque cathedrals, bustling plazas and engineering masterpieces, you'll find friendly locals, inspired artists and a rich cultural heritage.

In 1530, Charles V of Spain granted the island of Malta to the Knights of the Order of St. John. Many impressive 16th-century limestone buildings and fortifications from the Knights have endured, helping make the city of Valetta simply magnificent to experience today.


Most recently ranked by The Economist as the number one most liveable city in the world, Vancouver is a picturesque city surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the snow capped peaks of the Coast Mountain range.


Composed of 117 islands in the Venetian Lagoon and held together by a series of canals, Venice is like no other city in the world. Established more than 1,000 years ago by seafarers and Roman refugees, this magnificent city continues to be the heart of Italian culture as well as a mecca for hopeless romantics.

Located on the southern tip on the island of Vancouver in British Columbia, the city of Victoria is probably best known for its mild climate and active outdoor lifestyle. (In fact, the city has been named the "fittest city" in Canada more than once.) As the capital of British Columbia, the city is very tourist-friendly. Among the many attractions are world-famous gardens, its 150 years of British history, gourmet dining and fantastic shopping.

A busy, mid-sized port on the Atlantic Coast, Vigo is located just north of Portugal and is Galacia's largest and most industrialized city, dating back to Roman times. If you're a beach-lover, then Vigo is for you. You can soak up the rays at one of several sparkling beaches, including Samil, Alcabre and Canido.

There are 83 idyllic islands that make up the amazing archipelago of Vanuatu. And Port Vila, the capital city of the island of Efate, is the heart and soul of them all. Sandwiched between the northern and southern atolls - it's like the city was built for island hopping.

Villefranche is your gateway to the one-of-a-kind French Riviera, home to Monte Carlo, Cannes and Nice. Shaded by jagged mountains touching deep blue shores, Villefranche offers sunny beaches, sophisticated resort cities, quaint red-roofed villages and spectacular views.

Visby, a storied seaport and your gateway to Gotland, is Sweden's most alluring island resort. A popular trading spot since the Viking Age, the island has soul and enough medieval architecture to take you back a few centuries. In fact, there are over 92 thirteenth - century churches still in use throughout the island.

The fact that Wellington has become New Zealand's fastest-growing weekend destination tells you something about the city. Once merely its political capital, the city's calendar is packed with celebrations, festivals and some of the country's best theater and dance.

Curaçao is the largest of the six islands that comprise the Netherlands Antilles. It gained autonomy from the Netherlands in 1954, but the Dutch influence is still very visible in Willemstad's architecture and culture.

Willis Island, located east of Australia just beyond the Great Barrier Reef, is the only permanently inhabited island in Australia's Coral Sea Islands Territory. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has a weather monitoring station on the island, staffed by three people, who make up the island's human population.

Willis Island, located east of Australia just beyond the Great Barrier Reef, is the only permanently inhabited island in Australia's Coral Sea Islands Territory. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has a weather monitoring station on the island, staffed by three people, who make up the island's human population. Thousands of masked, brown and red footed boobies - a seabird that looks like a dressed up seagull - keep them company.


There are two sides to this city. There's the constant buzz synonymous with city life, but also a more relaxed side to it, which adds character to this lively city.

Zeebrugge is a port in northwestern Belgium, 10 miles north of Brugge and 60 miles from Brussels. Interestingly, it is actually an "artificial port," built because the existing marine channel to Brugge at the time had become clogged with silt.